Operational advice and insight for software development teams.
collection - analyse - visualise.

Kuona visualises data for insightful IT decision making.


The systems that we use to develop, build and deploy our software are largely untapped as a data source for deriving greater understanding of how to build better software.

Collectors capture data from IT systems (commits, builds, deploys) using application specific collectors


Analysers process the captured data into data models that drive charts and dashboards. More than one data source? Analysers can combine or correlate data across sources VCS/CI etc.

Offering opinionated metrics or comparative analysis? Analysers can also output dashboard data for threshold and other simple metric views.


Show the true value of your analysis using charts, time-series charts, trends or tables.


Pull everything together into compelling dashboards


There is always work to be done. Kuona development is part time and open source. Built by passionate developers like yourself.

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O'Dwayne Irving

O'Dwayne Irving

Irie Developer trying to change the world, one day at a time.

Graham Brooks

Lead developer. Graham is a passionate advocate of data driven decisioning within software development.

Filip Fafara

Filip Fafara

Project Roadmap

The ideas behind kuona have been tested and evaluated on enterprise scale projects. Now is the time to bring them all together so that others can benefit.


A Dashboard of open source public GitHub projects is not available. Running collection and analysis of public open source projects provides a showcase for the Kuona toolsets.


Data Collection

At the start of the year the mono repo was split into git submodules. This decision has been reversed and all new work is being done in https://github.com/kuona/kuona-project. Submodules proved to be much to complex to manage for the small work changes being made to multiple modules. Much of the earlier work has been reimplemented in clojure. Modules are smaller and more reliable following this move.

April - July


Reworking Kuona to separate collection and analysis into separate applications. Webapp responsible for data storage and visualisation


Initial Prototyping

The ideas and discussions lead to the first prototype written in Java as an all-in-one site generator, data collector and visualisation tool. Deployed within an enterprise setting for testing.


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